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Click an image to watch videos of various different types of tree work filmed out in the real world, featuring tree pruning and tree removals of varying difficulty and any other tree work projects we take on

Failed tree
Sketchy Rotten Cottonwoods
tree traverse and speedline
Step Cut Tutorial
2 rigging points
False crotch rigging |
tree removal speedline over house
Everyday is a schoolday
Best TreeWork video 2020
How not to get pinned by a branch when rigging
100ft dead Hemlock removal | Rigging down some big wood
removing this large Cottonwood with a crane
Arborist Dropping logs -
Arborist removing Maple tree -
Husqvarna T536Li XP | How long will the battery last? by
Tree removal with crane
Canopy reduction tree pruning
How we take down a tree #3 :
How we remove a tree #1
How we remove a tree #2
Pruning with the V-rig system
Rigging in the rain :
Robinia reduction prune & revisit |
Large Douglas fir tree removal Good communication is key
Cedar tree removal & Maple tree hazard prune by
2 hemlock tree removals by
Eagle Island Douglas Fir pruning by
Creating a wildlife stem by
Cedrus deodara removal and milling by
Wildlife habitat creation project :
Airspade excavation