About ClimbingArborist.com


Climbingarborist.com aims to provide useful information for all types of Arborists. Most people in the industry know that working as an Arborist can be very dangerous, so our primary goal is to convey safety while out at work as well as showing you methods that will make you work efficiently and more productively. We aim to provide you with techniques to refresh your knowledge of those that you rarely use and also introduce you to new techniques or simply a variation on your personal methods.

Getting ready to climb trees


Climbingarborist.com was created by Daniel Holliday, with his idea to share industry knowledge among other arborists worldwide and hopefully create a great community and contacts in the process. Daniel has over 18 years experience of climbing within the industry. He has worked for various companies within the U.K including managing a company in west London for over 3 years, before selling to persue a life long dream to travel. Whilst abroad he worked for numerous companies in Australia and then Canada. The experience gained along the way has been invaluable, and Dan hopes this knowledge can be passed on to help people work in a safe and effective manner, using the right tools and methods for relevant tasks they are faced with.
Since Dan arrived in Canada, he started competing in regional and chapter tree climbing championships. In 2015 Dan competed in the Portland TCC, British Columbia TCC and the Pacific Northwest TCC where he placed third, second and third respectively. He went on to tin the BCTCC the following year in Kamloops. Climbing competitions have now become a large part of Dan's life, it is a fantastic way to meet like minded climbers, make great friends, watch other climbers and learn new techniques.

Cutting a Hemlock tree down : ClimbingArborist.com
Dan Holliday climbing at the Portland tree climbing competition : ClimbingArborist.com
Arborist Dan Holliday using the Husqvarna battery chainsaw