Knot tying

Knot Tying

Click the images to watch videos of the best and most commonly used friction hitches, termination knots and mid-line knots used by Arborists.

Alpine butterfly

Anchor hitch

Blake's hitch


Bowline on a bight

Buntline hitch

Clove hitch

Daisychain (for storage)

Distel hitch

Double figure 8 on a bight *

Figure 8 on the bight

Double fisherman’s knot

Figure 8 knot

Fisherman's knot


Girth hitch

Munters hitch *

Prussik hitch

Schwabish hitch

Sheet bend

Sliding double fisherman's 

Slippery sheet bend 

Slipknot/Marlin spike

Slippery clove hitch

Valdotain Tresse

Bowline w/ Yosemite tie off