Climbing Arborist Extras

Click an images below to watch a collection of tree climbing related videos. Including tree climbing competitions, arborist equipment adaptations and more......

Basic chainsaw tips ClimbingArborist.com
Cutting down grain | ClimbingArborist.com
Petzl twin release review - ClimbingArborist.com
ClimbingArborist.com - Key notch felling technique
Lower D's vs Side D's
Scary tree climbing moment
Chainsaw Sharpening tutorial ClimbingArborist.com
Petzl Zigzag trick ClimbingArborist.com
Knee ascender ClimbingArborist.com
Climbing Big lonely doug : ClimbingArborist.com
Work climb tips : ClimbingArborist.com
How to connect 4 sena headsets : ClimbingArborist.com
Silky saw injury
ITCC 2013 Highlights
Aerial rescue : ClimbingArborist.com
Work climb from the 2012 Pacific NW TCC (Dan Holliday)
Head to head footlock ITCC 2013
Sequoia climb with J.T
The importance of Aerial Rescue
Customising/setup of the Teufelberger Treemotion
Scott Forrest's winning workclimb from the ITCC 2013
Trigger setup for a 'Big shot'
Work climb practice with George Keays
2012 British columbia Tree climbing championships
Bainbridge Isl. Masters 'Highlight reel'