Climbing Arborist Extras

Click an images below to watch a collection of tree climbing related videos. Including tree climbing competitions, arborist equipment adaptations and more......

Lower D's vs Side D's
Petzl Zigzag trick ClimbingArborist.com
Knee ascender ClimbingArborist.com
Scary tree climbing moment
Aerial rescue : ClimbingArborist.com
Work climb tips : ClimbingArborist.com
Climbing Big lonely doug : ClimbingArborist.com
How to connect 4 sena headsets : ClimbingArborist.com
Work climb practice with George Keays
Silky saw injury
Head to head footlock ITCC 2013
ITCC 2013 Highlights
Scott Forrest's winning workclimb from the ITCC 2013
Sequoia climb with J.T
Bainbridge Isl. Masters 'Highlight reel'
Trigger setup for a 'Big shot'
Work climb from the 2012 Pacific NW TCC (Dan Holliday)
2012 British columbia Tree climbing championships
Customising/setup of the Teufelberger Treemotion
The importance of Aerial Rescue