Rigging Techniques

Click the images to play videos on the different methods of safely rigging down branches and trunk sections of trees, which sets apart the 'Arborist' from those with no knowledge of the Arboricultural industry.

Fishing pole rigging technique
Petzl Spin L1D pulley ClimbingArborist.com
False crotch rigging | ClimbingArborist.com
Controlled Slide line Rigging System
Safebloc testing ClimbingArborist.com
negative rigging - ClimbingArborist.com
Tree climber falls - ClimbingArborist.com
Speedline 3 uses - ClimbingArborist.com
Rigging: Tip tying
2 rigging points ClimbingArborist.com
How not to get pinned by a branch when rigging
Rigging using a spider leg
Rigging: Butt tying
Marlin spike for rigging by ClimbingArborist.com
visualize the rig ClimbingArborist.com
Cow hitch
Rigging: Butt hitching
Arborist Dropping logs - ClimbingArborist.com
Double block rigging - ClimbingArborist.com
RIGGING FROM ANOTHER TREE - ClimbingArborist.com
Climber still tied in - ClimbingArborist.com
Fishing pole rigging - ClimbingArborist.com
Speedline 3 uses - ClimbingArborist.com