SRT series

SRT Series

Our SRT series covers all of the fundamentals of 'Stationary rope work positioning', Dan breaks down the climb into segments - Base anchors, canopy tie-in points, redirects, ascending and lateral movement. In each of these segments Dan presents various options to undertake this task/technique that vary from simple options with not much equipment to very gear intensive techniques.

There are many techniques out there, and with the rapid rise and evolution of SRT things are changing constantly, so we have only chosen a select few that we feel help climbers understand some of the options available and help progress, and with this knowledge can go on and choose the best setup for them and their style.

SRT : An arborist climbing system in which the rope is fixed in the canopy or at the base, giving the climber a fixed line to ascend/descend rather the a moving line as in a 'doubled rope technique' system.