Snapped leader/main anchor of a young Acer tree

Date of incident


Location of incident

Berlin Berlin Germany

Age of impacted party



Close call

Type of incident

Fall from height

Type of equipment involved

Climbing rope

Action taken

No first aid or medical assistance administered

Involvement of contributor

Worker performing task


Sunny/mostly sunny

Causes of the incident


Description of incident

Failure two use two tie in points on a young Acer tree. The leader then took too much weight and snapped out.

Contributing factors

My mental health has not been good lately and has slowed down/effected my decision making capability. I was at the point of adding a second anchor when the leader/my main anchor snapped out. Luckily I didn't fall far before I caught myself but I did damage multiple parts of the tree.

Incident review and preventative measures

This was a close call in a very small tree but it could have been worse. We need to talk about mental health in the tree industry more openly and create better support networks. It is very difficult to talk to people outside of the industry as they don't understand the very specific mental and physical effort needed to do our job. (Especially as a team leader.)

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