left hand cut with chainsaw

Date of incident


Location of incident

Mar del Plata Buenos Aires Argentina

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Serious Injury

Type of incident

Cut body part

Type of equipment involved


Type of injury


Bodily injury to

Upper limb

Action taken

Offsite Medical Professional assistance

Involvement of contributor

Worker performing task


Sunny/mostly sunny

Causes of the incident

Training deficiency

Description of incident

It was in an acacia tree. We had lost a lot of time, so we decided to cut a very large branch in one go. I anticipated that the tree would shake a lot, so I decided to finish the cut with one hand and hold on to the main trunk with my left (my second mistake). The branch broke before the cut was complete and dragged me down with the ropes. In the jolt my left hand came loose and the chainsaw grazed me. I suffered the cut of the tendon and nerves of the middle finger, with a serious risk of losing it, and slight damage to the ring and little fingers

Contributing factors

Incident review and preventative measures

The main cause was the lack of proper training. Trying to cut such a large branch with a single cut was a serious mistake and using the chainsaw with one hand caused the total loss of control over the machine at the moment of the jolt, with the result that is visible

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German Ignacio Lopez