Laceration to left hand

Date of incident


Location of incident

Milwaukee Wisconsin United States

Age of impacted party



Serious Injury

Type of incident

Cut body part

Type of equipment involved


Type of injury


Bodily injury to

Upper limb

Action taken

First aid administered (not by medical professional), Onsite Medical Professional assistance, Offsite Medical Professional assistance

Involvement of contributor

Worker performing task


Sunny/mostly sunny

Causes of the incident

Completely unforeseeable accident

Description of incident

I was tied in on a Norway maple about 20 ft up. I cut a limb, and it got wedged into another limb still attached to the tree. I kicked off the trunk of the tree to swing out a little to pull it closer to me to throw to the ground. I grabbed it, and instead of it coming with me, it stayed wedged onto the other limb. It happened really fast, but I guess I couldn’t let go quick enough. With me holding onto the limb while swinging back towards the trunk and the limb not budging, it ripped my left palm open very badly. There’s some nerve damage, and the doctor says I might need a skin graft if my skin dies.

Contributing factors

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Alec Lancaster