Chainsaw hit wrist during limb cut

Date of incident


Location of incident

Sarnia Ontario Canada

Age of impacted party



Serious Injury

Type of incident

Cut body part

Type of equipment involved


Type of injury


Bodily injury to

Upper limb

Action taken

First aid administered (not by medical professional), Onsite Medical Professional assistance, Offsite Medical Professional assistance

Involvement of contributor

Worker performing task



Causes of the incident

Fatigue, Complacency, Completely unforeseeable accident

Description of incident

Up on a limb over a roof, end of day not thinking right chose to use my top handle instead of using my hand saw. Over cut my step-cut and it jerked me a tint bit and I caught my arm with the saw... perfect example of job place complacency and and of day rushing to get done! Was rushed to hospital , Lucky I was okay and didn't cut into my tendents but very close!

Contributing factors

End of day, complacency, rushing to get done.

Incident review and preventative measures

Using hand-saw when cutting limbs up high and in awkward positions. Being aware of potentially harmful or dangerous outcomes. Being aware of complacency and not rushing to get done.

Form completed by (optional)

Brandon Dunn