Broken pinky, cuts to the hands, loss of feeling in 2 fingers

Date of incident


Location of incident

United States

Age of impacted party



Minor injury

Type of incident

Cut body part

Type of equipment involved

Chipper, Electric or hydraulic winch (vehicle or chipper mount)

Type of injury

Cut/Laceration, Bone fracture

Bodily injury to

Upper limb

Action taken

Offsite Medical Professional assistance

Involvement of contributor

Worker performing task

Causes of the incident

Training deficiency, Incorrect equipment setup, Injury caused by another collegue

Description of incident

Had the ball cart on the chipper on top of the which housing due to the chip truck being full. The ball cart was half hitched back to the reverse bar and then went under the winch housing and half hitched the other side of the ball cart to the reverse barand then chocked on to the end of the winch line. Got back to the shop and went to take off the ball cart. Put the winch in neutral to take slack and loosen the rope but was too tight so I asked the guy next to me to start the chipper up and push the winch lever in to let slack out which he did I then pulled the winch line to get the slack through the system and then the guy pulled the winch lever and it sucked all the slack back up and my hands got caught between the rope and the metal plate of the winch housing. Never told him to do it and he never said he was going to to it.

Contributing factors

No communication. Lack of training on the other guy.

Incident review and preventative measures

Leave the ball cart on job site and go dump and go back and pick it up. Should of made it a one man job to take the slack out.

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