Date of incident


Location of incident

New Zealand

Age of impacted party



Minor injury

Type of incident

Fall from height

Type of equipment involved

Hitch cord

Type of injury


Bodily injury to


Action taken

Offsite Medical Professional assistance

Involvement of contributor

Worker performing task


Sunny/mostly sunny

Causes of the incident

Incorrect equipment setup

Description of incident

When undertaking a dismantle of a tall single stem tree I descended on my drt line and the line was to short for the tree, meaning I got to the end and it feed though my system as I had no stopper knot. I fell about 4m (luckily into soft brush) but my head snapped back when I landed and hit a concrete water trough. The helmet to the brunt of the hit and saved my life.

Contributing factors

Rushing due to other thing on my mind NO STOPPER KNOT

Incident review and preventative measures

Always tie a stopper knot Take time on the job and look at each tree

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