It's Competition time!!!!!


To celebrate the launch of our new, great looking website

we are giving you the chance to win a boat load of climbing gear.


Do you need an entirely new tree climbing setup?? Or do you just want one?? Either way this is your chance...

Not only does our new website have a great new look, but it has some great new features also. We have added a directory for any arborist business to list their service, from contract climbers to arb supply companies. We have also added an incident database which we have done to allow arborists to share their stories in detail which will help others learn from for many years to come.

We have also added an equipment recommendation section that discusses many of the items we use on a weekly basis to help other arborists make informed decisions, and a reviews page to discuss the pros and cons of specific equipment.

How to enter the competition in just 3 easy steps

1: Follow our Instagram page like, comment/tag some friends in our competition post, like our Facebook page and share the Facebook post, and subscribe to our YouTube channel

2: Like the Instagram page of our prize donors @Husqvarnausa, @Wesspur_tree, @Nugreenstore, @TreeStuffdotcom

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 Competition entry closes at the end of April 30th, 2019

Our amazing prize pack giveaway include;

From Husqvarna

  • Husqvarna Climbing rope 150ft
  • Husqvarna Rope bag
  • Husqvarna Carabiners x3
  • Husqvarna Throwballs x 2
  • Husqvarna Throwline
  • Husqvarna Throwcube

From Wesspur

  • Samson Velocity Lanyard
  • Samson Bail out hitch cord
  • Rock Exotica Carabiners x 2
  • SMC Micro pulley x2
  • Wesspur cap

From Nugreen arborist equipment

  • Yale Pink Moon lanyard 15 ft
  • Yale Veritas hitch cord
  • ISC Micro pulley, Carabiner & Triple snap
  • Yale Pink Moon Adjustable friction saver

From TreeStuff

  • Notch Pro gear bag
  • Notch Pro large bag
Win this arborist climbing equipment
Chinook lanyard from Wesspur
Notch pro gear bag
Yale Pink moon lanyard :
Yale Pink moon friction saver :
Notch pro large bag