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This podcast is hosted by Dan Holliday who is joined by different guests to talk about all things arboriculture. We discuss equipment, techniques, safety, training and much more...

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Ep33 - Grizzly tree crew

Dan and his tree crew Conor and Tom chat about their week of tree work. They discuss removing a huge amount of deadwood from a Cypress and if it was a good idea in hindsight, Conor talks about feeling a little nervous while removing an Alder tree.
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Ep32 - Grizzly tree crew

his podcast is an introduction to Conor and Tom and their experience levels in the industry. The three of them are all coming with various levels of experience which makes a great dynamic for the tree crew and for the podcast.
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Ep31 - with Drew Bristow

Drew has had such an interesting career and done some incredible things on rope. He discusses many of his expeditions in the podcast, talks about many of the amazing climbers he’s worked with
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Ep30 - with Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy is an exceptionally talented arborist in both the work and competition arenas. Ryan is probably the most efficient, safest and most calculated arborist I have ever met and had the pleasure to work with.
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Ep29 - with Jamie Merrit

Jaime Merritt is the inventor, designer and creator of the Akimbo mechanical climbing device. Jaime gives us a very in-depth look back at how the Akimbo idea began, evolved, changed, and picked up huge momentum, and Rock Exotica taking on production
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Ep28 - with Keith Stoner

he topic for the discussion of this podcast starts with stress injuries, self awareness, best way to work as a team in high stress and potentially high risk environments and the power of a positive attitude.
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Ep27 - with Zane Wedding

Podcast Zane Wedding is an arborist from New Zealand. Zane talks about how he got into the industry. We talk about competition climbing and how it has such a positive effect on Zane's career, and we also discuss his new role as a teacher of practical arb
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Ep26 - with Joel Spooner of InTree Media

Joel is a professional photographer, videographer and also an arborist. Joel made the decision to take his real love, skill and passion for photography and create a niche business, ‘InTree Media’ creating amazing content from up in the canopy.
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Ep25 - with Phil Kelley

Phil Kelley joins Dan on this podcast at the TCI Expo to talk about his career and experiences in the arboriculture industry. Phil has long been in a training role with various companies throughout his career as well as presenting at many conferences.
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Ep24 - with Chris Coates

Chris Coates joins Dan at the TCI Expo to chat about the journey through his tree career, creating the tree comp NAOM and how he got there and much more.....
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