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This podcast is hosted by Dan Holliday who is joined by different guests to talk about all things arboriculture. We discuss equipment, techniques, safety, training and much more...

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Ep43 - Grizzly tree crew talk recent jobs

Dan, Conor and Tom chat about the most notable and interesting jobs over the past few months. They discuss improvements in skill sets, little things that made huge differences, and Tom sees some real life hacks working in a neighbouring garden.
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Ep42 - The First Five Years

3 Arborists working in tree care in 3 PNW cities discuss the good parts and struggles of their first 5 years in Arboriculture. Can experiences be improved for people just arriving to this industry? How will that benefit us? and making a long career of arb
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SRS tree climbing a fundamental skill in 2021

Do you view SRS / SRT as an advanced form of climbing? Do you climb using these techniques? Do you train crew members and staff these techniques? What are the benefits of 'stationary rope systems/ and 'moving rope systems' .
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Ep40 - Newbie climber advice (Coffee break episode)

Dan gives some tips for new tree climbers about equipment selection, where to focus and spend their money on arborist gear, what will and will not make you a better climber in the early stages, and not getting caught up in the hype.
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Ep39 - Frustion in treework (Coffee Break episode)

In this episode Dan talks about frustrations in tree work, the different ways frustration can manifest from various events depending on experience level among many other things.
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Ep38 - with Reg Coates

Reg is an extremely well known arborist worldwide. To most, he is known for his many years of treework videos on YouTube, with his straight talking, no bullshit persona and dry sense of humour. Hear about Reg's 30+ stitches in his leg and so much more...
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Ep37 - Arborist confessions of the year

Conor, Tom, George and Dan talk about all the things that went sideways in 2020 during their days at work. The guys answer a couple of questions that were sent in about starting up a tree company and if and when they get scared while climbing.
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Ep36 - Grizzly tree crew

Dan, Conor and Tom sit down to chat about the past few week. Tom goes in depth about his first ever tree removal, the struggles, mistakes, and lessons learnt. Conor discusses a tricky Willow tree removal that required a bit of problem solving.
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Ep35 - Ryan Senechal 'There are too many people getting hurt'

Ryan Joins Dan to chat about recent injuries and fatalities in the industry. How can companies begin to make change? Who does change need to start with? How can we look out for our colleagues? How can you swallow your pride and ask for help?
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Ep34 - Jeff facto discusses his tree climbing injury

Podcast EpisodeJeff suffered a severe injury to his leg from a major rigging failure. Jeff discusses the lead up to the incident, his recollection of events, how his crew dealt with the situation, and then the recovery and coming to terms with his injury.
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