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Fill out our simple 'Tree worker incident form' and play your part in improving the safety of our industry with our crowd-sourced data.

The Arboriculture industry statistically is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. It is imperative that the health and safety within our industry keeps evolving. It is our responsibility as Arborists to implement the safe work practices on our job sites, to wear all relevant PPE, to train apprentices and new hires in the correct way without allowing bad habits and potentially dangerous techniques.

We need to analyze our own incidents, learn from them, and figure out where mistakes were made and how the incident can be avoided/prevented in the future. We have to share these stories and experiences with our colleagues, and if possible to an even broader audience through social media and industry events.

Our goal is to create the most comprehensive 'Tree Worker incident database' that includes close calls and injuries. This database outlines the type of injury, the cause, a detailed description of the incident, factors leading to the incident and what could have been changed to avoid the injury (in the opinion of the contributor).

Date of incident03/14/2022
Incident40 ft fall from tree
Location of incidentHomosassa, FL
United States
Map It
Age of impacted party45
OutcomeSerious injury
Type of incident
  • Fall from height
Type of equipment involved
  • Climbing rope
Type of injury
  • Bone fracture
Bodily injury to
  • Upper limb
Action taken
  • Offsite Medical Professional assistance
Involvement of contributorWorker performing task
  • Sunny/mostly sunny
Causes of the incident
  • Part tree failure
Description of incident

fall of 40 ft as a result of tree failure while removing top of pine tree..... all proper safety equipment was used and inspected day of incident....
Dropped the top of tree w/negative rigging and tree failed under climber...
Serious injury to climber, broken arm , elbow , hip , ruptured spleen , and head injury

Form completed by (optional)John Melchionne