Tree Solutions, Inc.

Seattle, WA, USA
909 5th Avenue Seattle Washington 98164 US

Tree Solutions, Inc., is a Seattle-based firm that works with our clients to resolve questions and conflicts regarding trees, with sustainability and science in mind. Tree Solutions provides a science-based, objective approach to tree evaluation and management, grounded in years of experience with land development, landscaping, and tree pruning and removal. Core services include tree risk evaluation, diagnostics, and health management; tree retention for construction sites; management of Environmental Sensitive Areas and Natural Growth Protection Areas; inventory and management plans; vegetation restoration and mitigation plans; and tree appraisal and expert witness services. Tree Solutions produces professional site plans, documentation, and reports as needed for each situation. Tree Solutions is fully insured and licensed (Lic# TREESS1916KJ) with the State of Washington.

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I am a skilled climber with all my own climbing gear, rigging gear, and saws.  I am willing to travle ... Read more
Hello.  Have a tree problem (I hope not)? Have a tree question (I hope so)?  With me (a certified arborist, climber, and human) and you (a tree lover, thinker, and human), we could mutually benefit from working together.  hmu ... Read more
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I am a consulting and climbing arborist who works in Kitsap and Snohomish Counties.  I provide: Young and mature tree health evaluations Report writing for personal or permitting reasons Aerial tree inspection (climbing the tree for a closer analysis of crown and structure issues) Site specific tree species selection for new or mitigation planting Advice and planning for pre-construct... Read more
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3219 220th Street Northwest, Stanwood, WA, USA 65.69 km
Sonshine Tree Care employs two full time ISA Certified Arborist, and ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessors. We value the knowledge and experience of our tree workers, and as such we take part in industry continuing education programs pertaining to safety, and best practices in arboriculture. Sonshine Tree Care is a member company of the Tree Care Industry Association. The TCIA develops sa... Read more
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Stanwood, WA, USA
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