Climb safe... Work safe...

This podcast is hosted by Dan Holliday who is joined by various guests to talk about all things arboriculture. We discuss equipment, techniques, safety and training and much more...

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Ep 14 - with Sam smith


Sam is an English arborist that lives and works in New Zealand as a contract climber. In 2018 Sam competed in the Red Bull branched out tree climbing competition where he finished 2nd out of 100 climbers.

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Ep 12 - with Mark Bridge


Mark Bridge is an arborist from Switzerland that is most well known for his product development of industry equipment for his company Treemagineers who designed the Treemotion harness, hitch climber pulley, the captain hook and much more...

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Ep 10 - A collaboration with Patrick Masterson's 'EducatedClimber' podcast


Talking trees and Educated Climber podcasts meet for an excellent conversation between Dan and Patrick. Dan talks about how his career began, the motivation behind creating, Dan's Lyme disease, Patrick's winter work in Ontario & more

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Ep 8 - with Ryan Senechal and Aidon Pyne


The guys discuss the international urban forestry conference, women in arboriculture, importance of education within arb, learning from others mistakes and sharing yours, and Ryan talks about changes to the BCTCC format for 2019

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Ep 7 - Dan talks about coping and recovering from chronic Lyme disease


Dan shares the story of the past 18 months where he was suddenly taken extremely ill and pretty much debilitated at his worst point. He discusses diet, nutrition, lifestyle changes. It is important people are aware of Lyme disease, especially arborists.

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Ep 6 - With Aidon Pyne


In this podcast Dan is joined by his good friend Aiden Pine an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist. Aiden gives a little background on himself, topping trees, pressures from other climbers & bosses to climb unsafe trees, competition & more...

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Ep 2 - With George Keays & Matt Beatty


Geroge Keays and Matt Beatty join Dan to chat about current topics within the industry, and Mat talks about an awesome old growth tree climbing project he has just been involved in.

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Ep 1 - With Mat Fernandez, George Keays & Joel Spooner


Dan is joined by friends and fellow arborists, Mat Fernandez (from the 'Mat Fernandez project'), George Keays and arborist/photographer Joel Spooner

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