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This podcast is hosted by Dan Holliday who is joined by various guests to talk about all things arboriculture. We discuss equipment, techniques, safety and training and much more...

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Ep 13 - with Kevin Bingham, inventor of the rope wrench


Kevin Bingham is most well known in the industry for the invention of the rope wrench and then the rope runner that followed. It can be argued that Kevin single handedly evolved tree climbing as arborists know it today with the invention of the rope wench. Before the wrench arborists would use SRT for accessing the tree only (with the exception of a few using the Unicender for SRT). The rope wrench has certainly changed climbing for the masses, and many products & techniques have come about because single rope work positioning is now possible. 

In this episode Kevin talks about how the idea of climbing on a stationary rope came about, and seemed more efficient for a specific job, and how this got him thinking about how to create a device to solve the problem (7:40), Treemagineers giving Kevin the idea for the stiff tether attempting to use it in competition climbing (42:20), inventing the rope runner and using the local makerspace  (55:20), climbing on 2 separate climbing lines simultaneously (1:15:15), using a lanyard for good work positioning and not being lazy by using 1 hand on the chainsaw (1:29:25), climbing at the 2019 ITCC in Knoxville (1:35:55).

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