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This podcast is hosted by Dan Holliday who is joined by various guests to talk about all things arboriculture. We discuss equipment, techniques, safety and training and much more...

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Ep 6 - With Aidon Pyne


We are back with episode 6 of the Talking trees podcast. In this podcast Dan is joined by his good friend Aiden Pine an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist. Aiden gives a little background on himself & his current work (03:09), topping trees and pressures from other climbers and bosses to climb unsafe trees (0:16:45), how fun and how much is to be gained from climbing competitions (0:32:25), experiences and benefits of the husqvarna battery powered chainsaw (0:51:10), efficiency in the tree and how it can extend longevity of your career (1:02:41), Dan talks about slideline Hemlock job and the rigging setup (01:10:50), Aiden becoming a BCMA (1:28:10), Aidens' experiences with Coquitlam search and rescue (1:39:15), the ITA certification for arborists in B.C and how important it as and training in general (1:51:40)

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