Work climb from the
2012 Pacific NW TCC
(Dan Holliday)

Footage shot during the work climb in the preliminary events of the Pacific north west tree climbing championships 2012 held in Seattle, Washington state.

This events tests the climbers ability by simulating a work style climb, with 5 differnt stations to complete during a 5 minute time period. The stations consist of a bell that the climber must ring with their handsaw. A second bell that must be rung with the handsaw, then a short section of wood (taken from a bucket placed in the tree) thrown at a target on the ground. The third station is a bell that must be rung with the pole saw (using both hands) that is positioned in the tree. Forth is the limb walk, this consists of a bell to be rung at the end of a branch on which is also a weight sensor which the climber must not set off by putting too much of their body weight onto the branch. The final task is to descend from the tree and land with both feet onto a target postioned slightly away from the base of the tree in a controlled manner.

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