Hitch climber setup

The use of a triple attachment pulley (hitch climber) keeps the ropes inline and neater than if a regular single point attachment micro pulley is used.
The use of a pulley underneath the friction hitch gives the climber the advantage of tending slack by taking the rope coming through the bottom of the pulley and pulling it upwards, in turn the pulley the pushes the friction hitch upwards. This can be done with a single hand. This setup also makes coming back in from a limb walk a smoother and easier transition.
The hitch climber also has the third hole available which can be used for a second positioning system to keep things tidy.

Additional information:

This system can be setup to the climbers preference, with many different friction hitches working well. Testing different ropes, hitches and cords is the key to getting a smooth system. This video demonstates the system on double rope technique but can be taken and setup in the same way with a rope wrench and used for single rope technique.

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