Climbing Arborist Extras

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Workclimb practice
w/George Keays

tree climber



Sequoia climb
with J.T

J.T climbing a giant Sequoia

Scott Forrest
workclimb ITCC 13

Scott Forrest workclimb ITCC 13

Highlights from the
ITCC 2013

ITCC 13 Highlights

Head to head footlock
ITCC 2013

head to head footlock

Customising of the
'Treemotion' harness

Teufelberger treemotion harness

The importance of
Aerial rescue

Aerial tree rescue

Bainbridge Island
Masters challenge

Arborist limb walking

Work climb
PNW TCC 2012

PNW TCC banner

Trigger mechanism
for the 'Big shot'

Trigger system for big shot

Highlights from the
2012 BC TCC

Arborist in a competition
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