climbing arborist

Advanced climbing techniques

Click the images to play videos of advanced tree climbing techniques, which enables tree climbers to safely access and move around the tree quicker and more efficiently while using less energy, improving work productivity and giving the climber more skills to use when faced with different scenarios.

Brief into to SRWP

rope wrench

O-rig system

O-rig system

Rope wrench ropewalker

Rope wrench rope walker setup

Frog walker system(SRT)

Frog walker system (SRT)

Secured footlock


Base anchor for S.R.T

Base anchor for S.R.T

False crotch setup

Frictionless false crotch system

Floating crotch system

Floating crotch system

Installing/retrieving friction saver

Arborist installing friction saver

Prussik/pulley system

Pulley tending a prussik hitch
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